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6 tips to outsmart your supermarket

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

It's important to understand that we are incredibly patterned in how we walk around our local supermarkets. We are being kept consistently moving through the aisles spending money. Every item is perfectly packaged to seduce you in and get you to buy buy buy. There is a geography behind how a supermarket is laid out.

Let's think about it, the flowers, fresh vegetables and fruits not only boost the stores image on arrival but also gives the perception that the store is full of fresh produce stirring our senses,  immediately putting us in a good mood as well as trusting everything in store. Every item is perfectly packaged to lure you in to buy. Remember just because it's in your supermarket or a health food store it doesn't mean it's necessary healthy. 

Time to outsmart.

1.) To the back to the back.

Have you ever thought why those basics (bread and milk) are placed right at the back of the store? This builds up the traffic and exposes us buyers to more potential purchases en route to our essentials. This is when it's important to write a list before you go, don't shop when you're hungry and walk on by.

2.) Keep kids in the trolley/at home. 

You'll notice kids products are within grabbing distance putting pressure on the parent to buy foods they just don't need to avoid that public tantrum. 

2.) Stick to the perimeter.

For the most part, about 85% of the items in the inner aisles at your supermarket are processed and nutrient void. Spend as little time as you can amongst them unless you're stocking up on grains, seeds and nuts. 

3.) Do a quick scan.

Ask yourself these questions. Does the food look real? How tampered with does it look? Has it come a long way from its natural state? Remember that the ingredients is listed in descending order by weight so the first few items make up most of the food. Download Sugar Smart app if you want help reading the sugar content. It's fun. 

4.) Taste the rainbow. 

More colour means more vitamins and nutrients. Don't just stick with one colour. We tend to live off diets consisting of beige starting with cereal followed by a sandwich for lunch and pasta for supper. It's time to buy colour. 

This is a great article on How to eat the Rainbow by Amelia Freer.

5.) Free From Aisle.

When a main ingredients is removed from a certain food it's often replaced with something to aid the texture, firmness and shelf life. An example of this is Low Fat foods, the fat is reduced but often replaced by a higher sugar content. Just be street smart with it and If you do react to gluten try and go for gluten free foods by nature that way no need for a replacement. Just remember just because its in the free from section it doesn't mean it's necessary healthy. 

6.) Don't get trapped at the finishing line.

Don't fall for the 'grab zone' located by the checkout usually filled with sugar laden 'treats' and snacks. They are there to trap you and 'reward you' for the task you just undertook. Keep on walking people. 

Many of us find the supermarket overwhelming and repetitive sticking to the same items each week. As part of my 'Luxury Transformational Day' and 'Tired to Transformed' 6 or 12 week programme I can show you how to nail your shop on a budget for you and your family whether its signing up with a weekly veg box being delivered to your door or going to your local market. Get in contact here.

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