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What is a health coach?

A health coach is a guide and mentor who empowers and supports you to take responsibility for your own health and supports you to implement and sustain lifestyle and behaviour changes that will contribute to achieving your personal health and lifestyle goals by making step-by-step changes to your food choices and current lifestyle at a pace that’s comfortable for you.

Do you really need a health coach?

Most of us know what we should be doing to feel and be healthy. We know smoking may eventually harm us and we know relying on copious amounts of coffee to simply get us through the day won’t benefit our body. We know that depending on convenience foods won’t supply us with lasting energy and nourishment. We know going home to that toxic relationship is putting stress on our body but why aren’t we doing anything about it? Why aren’t we making these changes in our lives that would benefit us and make our bodies thrive? Giving someone healthy recipes with nutritional advice to take home is a start but it's usually not sustainable. That’s where health coaches come in.

We’re a pill-popping nation. We’re taking medication to treat our symptoms but we aren’t actually looking at the root causes of our health problems. Together we’ll peel back the layers to the root causes of your health issues. We’ll look into your Primary Nutrition being relationships, spirituality, career and physical activity and link it to your Secondary Nutrition being the foods you’re eating. 

I will give you practical, long lasting advice and support so that you can get to where you want to be. You’re reading this for a reason. Which part of your life are you struggling to bring into balance? What does your body need in order to heal? We all have the power to write our own prescription for health, but we need to be empowered to get to that point to realise your health is in your hands. Only you can be the one to change it with my support.


What about confidentiality?

Like any health professional, I keep everything you share with me absolutely strictly confidential.

How do the programmes work?

During my coaching programmes, I will work with you towards your health and lifestyle goals. After the initial Health & Lifestyle Consultation we will meet every week to create a step-by step plan that will enable you to introduce healthier habits and lifestyle changes into your life depending on what areas you want to target.

The programmes seem expensive on top of the healthy food I will be buying. What can I do?

Firstly, real and natural foods don’t have to be expensive. Grains and vegetables can be the cheapest foods on the planet, even the good quality stuff. I will show you how to save money and be savvy in the supermarket, as well as teaching you other money saving tricks such as cooking in bulk.

Secondly, consider this the best investment you’ll ever make in supporting your long-term health. The things that you’ll learn in the programme will last you a lifetime and will benefit your family and friends, too. Too often, we begrudge spending money on healthy food or investing in our wellbeing, but we spend it on less worthwhile things without thinking twice all the time. Then there’s the cost of trying to repair the damage once it’s done: gym memberships, doctors’ bills and medication. And what about eating out at cafés and restaurants? By cutting out unnecessary spending – daily coffees or buying lunch because you haven’t had time to make something to take to work – you can easily afford one of my programmes.

Thirdly, a simple reminder: the greatest wealth in life is health, and you can’t put a price on your overall health and happiness.

What makes you different than a traditional dietician?

Health Coaches look for the root causes as to why your feeling like your feeling or not making those changes you know you need to make. Sometimes you need more than recipe advice. I focus on more than  the food you’re eating. Food is usually the symptom. It's important to dive into your internal nourishment – your career, spirituality, physical activity and relationships, to name but a few, before moving onto your food.

Will I be able to drink and go to parties?

Yes – life goes on and a healthy balance is good! The whole point of the programme is that it’s realistic and fits in with your life. You can still go to parties, but you may need to alter some of your old habits. You’ll learn to live in the real world, while still being aware of your body and health and making better choices. Depending on the areas you want to work on, we may look at alternatives to what you usually drink.

Can’t see your question here? Get in touch!

I’d love to hear from you, whether it’s a question about working with me or just a ‘hello’. Email me at:

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