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I came to Milla at a time when everything around me felt extremely overwhelming but from the get go, she really helped me find my focus.

Although I've done similar treatment in the past Milla's approach was by far the most beneficial.


She was always filled with suggestions of things I hadn't tried before and her friendly manner really helped me feel relaxed. The sessions were always very specific to me and my progress, which shows how much time she invests in each individual; you really' can't get a more personal approach. I'm so grateful to her.

Anonymous 24, female.



I have always been a bit reluctant to seek advice on my health and lifestyle in case they told me to 'cut out meat entirely', to 'never eat a burger again' or to 'stop drinking.' Not Milla, she understood my lifestyle and set realistic goals to fit within it. She taught me to have a balanced lifestyle, and not just through eating the right foods but balancing that with keeping fit and looking after my mind too.

Milla has totally changed my mindset and my new routine has made me feel so much more in control of my hectic life.

Milla is extremely knowledgeable, approachable and makes her sessions very enjoyable. I am always asking for her advice and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for health and lifestyle coaching.

Clarissa Knox 27, Web Designer & Developer.

Meeting Milla was the best thing that could have happened to me. She has brought positivity and motivation back into my my life at a time where everything seemed so dark.


Her kind hearted and genuine approach has allowed me to open up and feel completely comfortable taking about myself. I have made so much progress with her constant guidance and support and I could not be more grateful.

Tatiana 22, Personal Shopper.

I have always thought I was relatively educated on health. However, with a full on job, which includes a lot of travel, and when I'm not travelling spending every evening I'm home, working late or catching up with friends which has left me feeling out of control and stressed daily.

I have been sleeping badly, waking up exhausted with the smallest things irrationally big.

After a few particularly difficult months, and coming out the other side, I realised my life was in a constant state of flux and I needed more balance.

I've been following Milla's blog and Instagram for a while, but always thought it was a bit 'too healthy' for me and didn't know how it could fit in with me and my life.

However after looking at alternative ways to change my life I decided to get in touch.

Milla has a knack for making you feel comfortable from the first moment, educating you without being patronising and understanding yours thoughts, worries and goals without judgement. After each session she follows up with a summary of simple steps to take and slowly picks up momentum so you never feel overwhelmed or that the goal isn't within reach. I couldn't recommend her more highly.

Anonymous female 29, fashion PR

With excitement, a little bit of trepidation but a sense of expectation I finally got round to meeting Milla. I say finally, because I'd cancelled so many times due to illness (!) my children being ill or just general stuff of life. Milla was patient, kind and lovely about it all.

I'd read about Milla ages ago and have been following her on Insta for a while too and I have to say from afar I liked her.

After meeting her I know I was right to like her and trust her with my health. Milla spent 2.5 hours with me listening, encouraging, understanding and then empowering me to make some changes that eventually will help me overcome a lot.

Not in a 'do it all or else' kind of way, but a doable, exciting and real way. Not in a 'become a vegan, throw out all your carbs/alcohol/caffeine kind of way' but in a this is how this could work for you in a personal and amazing way.

I have been very poorly and run down and so my trepidation was that it was all going to be too overwhelming, too onerous to implement but I didn't feel like that at all.

Milla has sent me everything we talked about and I will be starting to implement and then with accountability needed I'm meeting her again next week - I can't wait!

Serena Willoughby

Since working with Milla I have really started to slow done and listen and discover what works for me. It's amazing how your body changes when you remove the sugars and crap. Before I met with Milla I was totally obsessed with googling the best weight loss diets and I would jump on the bandwagon with any new FAD desperate to keep the weight down. In the past I've signed up to weight watchers which is miserable, tried and tested the Dukan diet, Paleo and the regular soup cleanses which would end up in a binge.

I feel like a huge weight and space in my mind has been cleared because I don't have to count calories anymore in my head and worry about it, which was actually exhausting and something I've been doing since my late teens. 

I wouldn't have even thought that going deeper into my relationship with myself and how I saw myself was effecting me so much and stopping me from getting to this point for a long time. I am not an open person at all but Milla has such a friendly and warm nature she made me feel like I had known her all your life, so I was able to talk about my bad habits, and how I 'self sabotage' as she calls it without feeling judged or embarrassed. We are about to complete the 6 sessions and I am feeling really in control.  When I feel a bad habit creeping back I have the resources and the support in Milla to deconstruct why and replace it with something positive because I actually like myself now. 


Anonymous female 28, PR

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