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The deep sleep edit

Magnesium Therapy by BetterYou body spray

Do not underestimate the power of introducing magnesium therapy into your life and daily routine. Magnesium is crucial for skeletal strength, muscle function, energy production and the bodies ability to detox. As farming has moved away from traditional practises to more commercial methods, our soil has become severely depleted in magnesium which results in our diets lacking this vital nutrient.

Magnesium is a natural relaxant and many current ailments are linked to magnesium deficiency but the good news is that the fastest way to absorb magnesium into the blood is through the blood stream, by by-passing the digestive system and using the skin to absorb the mineral in an oil.

This BetterYou bottle of magnesium oil is my go-to before bedtime and a staple when I travel. Studies found that magnesium oil will elevate cellular magnesium levels up to 5 times faster than tablets or capsules.

Just be aware if you've never used this spray before you may find an itching sensation on your skin. If this occurs just wash it off and spray on the soles of your feet and build up your sprays from there on your body.

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Magnesium Therapy by BetterYou Foot and Body Soak

The foot soak is arguably the easiest and most enjoyable way to increase your magnesium level. Simply scoop a large handful of flakes into a plastic footpath or bath and let the solution feed every cell and efficiently replace magnesium lost through modern diet.

This is a practise I like to do in the evenings before bed for 20 minutes. I've really noticed the quality of my sleep and the level of relaxation I feel afterwards.

Use code 'Milla' for 15% off here.

Blubox Glasses

Blubox glasses are a great investment for filtering out the artificial and negative effects of digital light to improve your sleep. Blubox offer a wide range of different blocking glasses from Sleep+ which are red lens blocking 100% of blue and green light from 400-550nm. Recommended to be worn 2 – 3 hours before bed, the advanced lens technology induces the ‘camping effect’ allowing the body to produce melatonin (the sleep hormone) which is otherwise prohibited when blue & green light it present. The results are improved sleep and health after just one use, leaving you feeling refreshed and energised from a proper night’s sleep. These glasses also make a great companion when travelling, aiding with the management of jet lag and re-aligning your body clock with nature. The BluLite lens range is equally as useful as it filters down and reduces the harmful high energy of blue light that is emitted by digital devices at night stealing our melatonin. The range is designed for those with sore, dry, tired eyes, and suffer from blurred vision after screen time.

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Calm app

The best way to switch off before bed and start your morning.

For a free 30 day trial click here.

This includes:

Daily Calm: a brand new 10-minute meditation every day 100+ guided meditations covering anxiety, focus, gratitude and more 80+ Sleep Stories to settle the mind and relax the body Exclusive music tracks for focus, relaxation and sleep Calm Masterclasses featuring world-renowned mindfulness experts

Float at The Floatworks

‘1 hour float equals to 4 hours sleeping.’

Finally London is embracing the benefits of floating therapy and the unparalleled levels of relaxation bringing our tired bodies into a healing state.

Floating has been scientifically proven to increase mental and physical wellbeing. It enhances stress relief and relaxation by reducing stress and bringing us back into rest and digest. Floaters have also said it enhances a deeper nights sleep. Similar to meditation floating brings you into the present by increasing your focus.

What is the science behind floating?

There’s a wealth of scientific evidence on the benefits of floating on the body and mind. Here are some key points from decades of research

A recent meta-analysis of 27 scientific studies by scientists Dierendonck and Nijenhuis showed that floating:

•  Reduces cortisol levels (when high, cortisol can lower our immunity and leads to prolonged stress)

•  Lowers blood pressure (a symptom of stress that compromises our health. Lower blood pressure allows us to feel relaxed)

•  Increases overall wellbeing

•  Boosts cognitive performance

•  Improves symptoms of chronic fatigue and burnout, and improves sleep.

Click to book direct here.

Dr Chatterjee Feel Better Live More Podcast 'Why we sleep' with Mathew Walker

One of my favourite episodes of Feel Better Live More with Dr Chatterjee and Mathew Walker, Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology at the university of California. They discuss everything there is to know about sleep and why you may not be falling into that deep restful sleep that we all need yet neglect its importance therefore having devastating consequences. Walker shares some brilliant tips to combat jet lag and how to enhance athletic performance and sets the record straight on how much caffeine actually impacts our sleep. They talk about the reason why we're in such a sleep-deprived epidemic and how its effecting every aspect of our health. It's an invaluable conversation that I haven't forgotten and condenses his fantastic yet quite scary book into this one episode.

Click to listen here.

Moleskin notebook

Get it all onto a page. Often before going to sleep I'll write down everything that's playing on my mind or things I have to do tomorrow. Just knowing I've jotted it down stops my mind thinking about it and I can pick it back up in the morning. I really encourage clients to write down what their grateful for. Gratitude has been shown to improve mental health and reduce feelings of depression (where people were reported as 25% happier compared to those who focused on their misfortunes and annoyances.)

Remember negative experiences stick to the brain in microseconds, like velcro, whereas positive experiences take at least 20 seconds to become embedded into our memory banks so it's important to spend time writing them down.

Click to buy direct here.

Votary Pillow Spray Lavender and Chamomile

I'll spray this bottle of essentials oils of French Lavender, Roses and Chamomile onto my pillow giving I get into bed and read giving me that instant calm and helps me relax for a deep nights sleep. Lavender has long been used as a natural sedative since the 14th century and Charles VI, King of France would stuff all his pillows with it.

Click to buy here.

Alarm clock by John Lewis

It's a simple change we can all make to our sleep routine which is moving our phones out of our bedrooms at night and replacing them with a simple alarm clock. Studies show from Harvard medical school that leaving your phone in your bedroom (even if its on aeroplane mode) is the equivalent in your brain of keeping your front door open meaning you're not falling into that crucial state of deep sleep. It's a total game changer and you just don't need to go to sleep with your phone.

Click to buy direct here.

Neal's Yard Remedies Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender has a soothing reputation and is a natural alternative to help you relax. This essential oil works well inhaled through inhalation, oil burner or being absorbed by the skin. For adults, add up to 5 drops in 2tbsp bath oil or shower gel. Lavender can also be brilliant to clear your head and nose so add 4-6 drops into a bowl of steaming water and place a head over your head and breathe.

Buy direct here.

Pukka night time

Caffeine free made from crushed organic oat flower, soothing lavender, and silky-sweet lime flower. Let the rest begin but try and enjoy your cup as early as possible to prevent running to the loo and fragmenting your sleep.

Buy here.

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