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5 natural candles to switch to now

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

That’s right – sorry to all you Jo Malone fans!

Yes, they are visually lovely and they smell incredible. But today I’m encouraging you to buy natural soy wax candles rather than conventional paraffin ones. 


Because paraffin is a sludge – a waste product from the petroleum industry that fills your home with invisible toxic chemicals and pollutes your air. The soot particles that the candles give off are so incredibly fine they are able to sit in the deepest part of the lungs. This is especially harmful for people suffering from any allergies or respiratory issues like Asthma. 

We’ve got enough pollution to deal with outside without bringing it inside, too. Especially if, like me, you live in London.

The good news is that you CAN control your home environment!

I’ve rounded up my top 5 natural candles to get you going, in no particular order:

1.     Bamford

My beloved, trusted Bamford is one of my favourite brands due to its honest ethos and inspiring everyday products. As well as looking beautiful, their candles are made responsibly and in the best interest of the planet and its people. Their scents are subtle but so identifiable. Bamford is a philosophy and a lifestyle. 

·      Scent: Lily of the Valley and Rose

·      Look: simple, timeless and chic

·      Size: small 190G/large 390G

·      Burn time: 40 hours (keep cutting the wick down before you light for a clean burn)

·      Cost: small £38/large £50

Click to buy from Bamford

2.     Kiss the Moon

Slick, stylish and soothing, Kiss the Moon is a new find. The brand offers pure, natural soy wax candles with the highest grade of braided cotton wick to maximize burn time and ensure a clean burn. You can take their matchmaking test online to find your signature blend of nature’s most soothing aromas to aid your sleep. I like to light one before bed. 

·      Scent: DREAM with Lavender & Bergamot

·      Look: dark, mysterious and magical

·      Size: 240ml 

·      Burn time: 50 hours

·      Cost: £38

Click to buy from Kiss The Moon

3. Calm Collection

Calm Collection candles are designed to tackle the stresses and strains of everyday modern life. They use 100% natural vegetable wax and coconut oil, so there are no nasties, synthetic fragrances or petrochemicals in their formulations. Each candle includes a blend of eco soy, organic coconut oil and beeswax. Beeswax helps purify the air while the soy and coconut provide an excellent scent and even burn.

·      Scent: Lavender, Lemon & Rosewood

·      Look: classic and calm

·      Size: 300ml

·      Burn time: 35 hours 

·      Cost: £26

Click to buy from Calm Collection

4. Willow Organic

I discovered Willow Organic when Mum gave me a large candle at Christmas – and it's still going strong! Willow candles are made from 100% natural vegetable wax and organic oils. The brand is passionate about principals over profit. The candles give off a subtle smell that I find really relaxing. The best way to get your candle to burn evenly is to ensure that when you light it for the first time, you keep it burning until the wax has melted all the way to the edge of the glass. The same is true for all natural candles.

·      Scent: Rose, Jasmine, Sandalwood & Oud

·      Look: feminine, pretty and pure

·      Size: Small 20cl/Large 45cl

·      Burn time: Small 35 hours/ Large 80 hours 

·      Cost: £25

Click here to buy Willow Organic

5. Gold & Black 

Dorset-based Gold & Black are my new favourite find, and I’m never looking back! They specialise in handmade, high quality 100% pure beeswax. Their candles are completely free of additives such as soy, paraffin and vegetable wax, so they really are as natural as can be. Beeswax doesn't perform well in a candle container in anything above a votive size unless it's mixed with other waxes, so they don't offer container candles. I've switched my standard tealights for their beeswax ones and love the subtle smell of honey released by their pillar candles. 

·      Scent: subtle honey

·      Look: warm and elegant

·      Size: 11 different sizes available

·      Burn time: pillar candles 40 hours/ tealight candles 4.5 hours

·      Cost: pillar candles £15/12 tealight candles £16

Click here to buy Gold & Black

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1 Comment

Sophie Bradbury
Sophie Bradbury
Jan 21, 2021

Love what you're doing! Had no idea about the toxins in regular candles, will definitely look to make the switch. What's your favourite smell?

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