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Bad skin? This is why you should do a food intolerance test.

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Acne? Bloating? Constipation? Abdominal pains? Chronic fatigue? Headaches? Rashes? Low mood? Weight gain? You might have a simple food intolerance which is a condition with a wide range of these symptoms. Many people form coping mechanisms to deal with the symptoms but this is a great step in the right direction to get to the root cause. 

So whats the difference between an allergy and a food intolerance? 

A food allergy is a really quick response by the body’s immune system to a specific food.  The body’s immune system mistakes a food for an ‘invader’ which can lead to a rapid allergic reaction often within minutes. Foods commonly associated with reactions are peanuts, milk, eggs and seafood. Allergies are lifelong. 

Symptoms of a food intolerance can take up to 72 hours to appear after eating the trigger food or group of foods. Food intolerances can impact the person’s quality of life but they aren't life threatening. Food intolerances are much more common than food allergies. Symptoms can clear after avoidance from 3-6 months. 

So here is why I took one:

I ended up doing a tolerance test when my skin erupted a couple of months back. I wasn't getting big juicy spots but the texture of my skin  got really bumpy with little milky pimples under the skin all over my cheeks. Every morning (no exaggeration) I would wake up with a really sore cyst on my jaw. I have a healthy diet so why was I breaking out? My body was speaking to me, it didn't like something. In desperation and feeling really quite low I emailed the Linda Meredith clinic with pics (above.)  Linda herself AKA 'The Queen of Facials' who has worked on every A listers face there is called me immediately to get me to come in to have a closer look. It took her seconds to look at me to tell me this was something I was eating. (Read my 'Struggling with skin problems? 10 questions with Linda Meredith') Sh** I thought, I am so careful with what I eat how is this so? I threw myself into a food diary logging each ingredient I was eating and how my skins appearance looked in the evening and morning after eating it. On top of this my good friend DiDi (one of the Sugar Free Siblingscurrently studying at CNM) recommended I do the Lorisian Food intolerance test. 

I ordered the Lorisian 150 (they offer 3 types) because I wanted to cover as many foods as possible. When you take the test its important to reintroduce foods you wouldn't normally eat so the test is accurate and covers all food. My test kit arrived within the week and I pricked my finger, popped it back in the post and received results within the week. 

My results came back saying I was intolerant to cows milks, goats milk, chicken, egg whites and green beans. 

By knowing what was causing my skin irritation and break outs, not only did I feel relieved but I finally felt back in control. By eliminating the foods that showed up on my test, my face started to heal.

To me the food intolerance was a piece of missing puzzle I don’t think I could have solved on my own.

I know how frustrating and saddening it can be to experience bad skin. This is why I have now become a registered reseller of the Lorisian tests.  As a health & lifestyle coach, it is important for me to empower my clients as they embark on their own journey to healing their bodies.  These tests are simply another tool for me to help them achieve this.

Do you need the support and accountability of a Coach who understands exactly how you feel, as you embark on your own health journey? If so, I am about to launch my new 6-week program and have 5 spots open at a fraction of the price. Contact me to learn more.  

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