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7 toxic free cleaning products that work

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

You’ll know by now that I’m a big advocate for using natural products where I can, whether on my skin or in my home. I’ve really enjoyed switching up and saying goodbye to those toxic products I was using for years – oblivious to the potential risks. 

The truth about the damage chemical cleaning products can do to our bodies is slowly coming to the surface. Although still legal, these nasties are known to be linked to certain cancers, infertility in women and learning difficulties such as ADHD, Autism and Asthma (see the Netflix documentary The Human Experiment. More details here).

It’s definitely worth investing in some natural products that aren’t as harmful. These products will always be a few pounds more than the conventional alternatives, but where better to invest than in our health? 

To help you make the switch, I’ve reviewed 7 of my favourite natural cleaning products below. Where possible, I’ve included a link to both the manufacturer’s website and each product’s listing on Ocado, to make it easier to shop for things all together.   

Daylesford do some really beautiful, gentle yet effective cleaning products. They are free from petrochemicals, phosphates, preservatives, enzymes, synthetic fragrances and animal by-products. I love the rosemary scent and the fact that it’s safe to use and solvent-free. Kitchen sink must.  Buy direct

Method has a large variety of plant-based cleaning products. My favourite has to be this French lavender surface spray which cuts through grease and grime. Find on Ocado

Greenscents use 81% organic ingredients and is a brilliant ethical product. The soap works really well on wood, terracotta and marble. All you need is one squirt in a bucket of hot water, and you’re ready to mop! Find on Ocado

I recently discovered this great granite cleaner. My kitchen surfaces are black granite and this is perfect for keeping them streak-free. This plant-based product gives marble, granite and stone a really nice shine. Find on Ocado

Attitude’s ethos is based on hope, friendship and our connection to each other. They create the purest products that are safe for families. The spray has a really subtle smell which is easy and quick to spray in the bathroom. I use it twice a week because it’s not as strong as a conventional bathroom cleaner, but the more I use it, the quicker and easier it becomes to clean my bathroom. Find on Ocado

Products that claim to be natural or organic could contain as little as 1% natural ingredients, so I urge youto look for the Soil Association logo when it comes to your skin (the body’s largest organ). That’s why I love Bentley Organics. Their products are really reasonably priced so I tend to dot the soap pumps and bars around the house. I love the smell and it’s gentle enough for frequent hand washing but also effective. They also offer cleaning products for the home.


These cloths are really useful to have around the house. You only have to add water, so there’s no need to spray chemicals onto them. When the cloth is damp it can clean up thick grease, everyday dirt and bacteria. When dusting use the cloth dry. Dusting is really important because the chemicals in our everyday lives tend to migrate into dust so I recommend dusting when you can. Find on Ocado

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