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Our bodies face an onslaught of toxins, pollution and radiation every day, and many of us do what we can to stay healthy and protect ourselves from these harmful influences. But did you know that your mobile phone is giving off radio frequency radiation all the time? We still don’t know what exactly the long-term effects of this radiation will be or what it’s doing to our bodies, but we do know that extensive use of your smartphone may increase your risk of cancer, reduce fertility and create fatigue and headaches – among other health concerns.

You may think your phone is only dangerous when you’re talking on it, but that’s not true. As long as your phone is on, it’s giving off radio frequency radiation (EMR). So the only solution is turning it off or keeping it a certain distance from your body – the further away the better.

That’s why I’ve jumped on the I AM CELL AWARE™ Campaign to spread the word about EMR and smartphones in particular (these are the worst culprits for radio frequency radiation). The campaign was started by brothers Billy and Roger Tanenbaum, founders of Tanenbaum Technologies, Inc. They have created a range mobile phone radiation blockers that not only work, but look smart – great news for those of us that rely on our phones!

I interviewed Billy to find out more about the I AM CELL AWARE™ Campaign and the risks smartphone use can pose to our health:

Milla: Can you explain how your radiation Blockers work and the difference between using one and not?

Billy: The best way to explain how our Blockers work is to compare it to wearing a lead vest when getting an X-ray. We put on the vest to block out the harmful radiation, while allowing enough to get through so that the image can be taken.

Similarly, our Deflectors are vests for our phones, blocking out the harmful radiation while allowing the antenna to not be disturbed. In order to do this, our Blockers are made from materials with radiation deflecting properties. We spent two years in research and development finding the best way to make our product with the materials we knew worked best at deflecting harmful radiation, and our Blockers are the finished product. 

What are the main radiation health concerns we should know about?

Billy: In the States, the biggest health concern with any issue is cancer. Studies have found links in both men and women to cancer from electromagnetic radiation. However, the introduction of the iPhone/smartphone is relatively recent – circa mid-2000s. These phones are major emitters of radiation as you can see from the videos on our social media pages (Facebook), (Instagram) and websites, www.iamcellaware.com and protectanddeflect.com.

Because of their short length of time on the market, no serious studies have been done yet. However, what we know for sure is (and this is CRUCIAL) that the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) instructs ALL users of cellphones, NOT TO PUT THE PHONE NEXT TO THEIR BODY when using it. Inside all cellphone user manuals are recommendations for use. The governing body over these sales in the US is the FCC and they recommend keeping the phone at least one inch from your body when using it because when the phone is on your person – say, next to your head – your head is absorbing all that radiation, causing headaches, lack of energy, and health concerns not yet determined.

To be clear, the cellphone companies do not want any negative information made public about cellphones because they believe cellphone radiation is not harmful. Their argument is that the radio frequency waves are non-ionizing, meaning they are not supposed to break cells, like say ultraviolet radiation from the sun. This is true.

Our response is that even if the radiation is non-ionizing, the massive amounts that are being emitted and directly absorbed by our heads and bodies is overwhelming, and cannot be good for our health. No-one can deny the massive amounts that are emitted and absorbed. Also, so many of us spend countless hours every day on the phone or with the phone – in our pockets, to our heads, next to us always. This overexposure cannot be good. We are here to provide information about how to be safer and provide a product directed to help minimize that exposure

What can we be doing to protect ourselves from this radiation, even with a Blocker?

Billy: When talking on your mobile, use speakerphone. If not, a simple earpiece, not Bluetooth. When carrying the phone, try to keep it away from your body, in a bag, not a pants or bra pocket. And, when storing it between calls, keep it a good distance away from you. The further away it is, the more diffuse the radiation.

Also try to use your phone when service is best. When you have bad service, the phone works harder to get a signal, and then heats up and emits more energy – radiation – to work.


Does putting your phone on airplane mode make a difference?

Billy: Sure. In that case, there is no communication between your phone and a cellphone tower. Even when not in use, and not in airplane mode, the phone is continually sending messages to various cellphone towers and therefore is emitting energy. 

Many people use their mobiles for their alarms in the mornings. If this is the case, what would you recommend?

Billy: I use mine as an alarm too. Remember, we like our phones. They are amazing and do amazing things. They're major technological achievements. However, we recommend maintaining physical space between you and your phone. Over 75% of teens sleep with their phones under or near their pillows. That is alarming. Use the phone as an alarm, but from several feet away. The Wi-Fi emissions are not good either. 

Are children more susceptible to radiation at a younger age and what are the health risks?

Billy: That is such an important question. YES! Children's brains absorb anywhere between 2x to 10x as much adults'. Their bodies and skulls are less developed and, therefore, are significantly more at risk to radiation absorption. Parents need to be vigilant about the effects of cellphones and blue light emissions on children and teens.

More about Billy and Tanenbaum Tech

“I founded Tanenbaum Tech and the I AM CELL AWARE™ Campaign with my brother, Roger Tanenbaum, two years ago.

My background actually is in law, politics, and academics. I earned a Masters in Science from the London School of Economics and during undergraduate, I studied in Oxford at St. Anne's College. I have another Masters in International Relations from New York University and a law degree from a Loyola Law School here in Los Angeles. My brother also has a law degree.

So, we're not naturally disposed to science. However, common sense instructed us to investigate the cellphone radiation emissions problem further. Accordingly, we combed through scores of patents that attempted to deflect or absorb radiation – although not in the cellphone context – to determine what works and what doesn’t work. After about a year and a half, we found our perfect product.

Our Blockers are great because they work, they look high quality and trendy (posh) and they are something we are proud to make. We’re committed to spreading awareness about the reality of EMF radiation emitted from our phones, which is then being absorbed into our heads and bodies in massive quantities. No one should advocate against keeping the phone away from the user's head at all times, and everyone should have a Blocker.”

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