Calling all crazy-busy women/men!

I know that with your hectic schedule, there’s no way you can commit to my 6 or 12-week health programmes. But I also know that you could you start your journey back to energy and confidence in just one day. Don’t spend any more time struggling with your wellbeing and self-confidence. If you can commit to just one day with me, we could overhaul a large part of your life and enable you to move towards your body and health goals with positive purpose.

Is the Luxury Transformational Day for you?

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re flat-out juggling your household, family and/or work.
  • You’re in constant fight or flight mode, borrowing energy from coffee and convenience food during the day before winding down with a glass of wine.
  • And self-care is forgotten except for once or twice a year, when you finally book yourself on that week’s holiday or splash out on an expensive massage.
  • But don’t worry. Things CAN change and this doesn’t have to be as good as it gets.
  • Don’t keep putting yourself last. Contact me today to book your Luxury Transformational Day.

What is the Luxury Transformational Day?


The day will start with a Health and Lifestyle Consultation, which will enable us to pinpoint the areas we need to work on during our day together.

Morning schedule:

  • health and lifestyle – your current health and goals for the future
  • primary nutrition – relationships, career, self-care and movement
  • blocks – what is holding you back from the life you deserve?
  • goals – we’ll re-write your old beliefs and excuses, ready to move forward


We’ll go to a local health café or make a nutritious lunch together

I’ll share my expert knowledge and tips with you, teaching you how eating healthily can be simple, quick and fun. 

Supermarket Tour

Discover what’s lurking in your local supermarket or health food shop

I’ll teach you how to be a food detective – sleuthing secret sugars, understanding labels and resisting the supermarket seduction.

By the time we’re done, you’ll know what to look out for and what to stay clear of when restocking your kitchen.

Remember, just because it’s in a health food store or is ‘gluten free’, it doesn’t mean it’s healthy.


Time for a kitchen detox!

Together, we’ll banish the stuff that just isn’t serving you or your family and start afresh, creating a larder list of everyday ingredients for great recipes that will work with your schedule.

We’ll develop new daily rituals that could be incorporated into your morning routine (how you start your morning determines how your day pans out).

And to finish, you’ll receive some goodies from me which will be personal to your transformation and self-care. We’ll schedule your self-care routine and follow up with a 50 minute Skype session. The above is a health investment for £600. After all the greatest wealth is health.

Are you ready for my transformational 1-day intensive?

My programme is for you if:

  • Your business, job or family is the center of your world
  • You know if you looked after yourself you could perform better at work
  • You don’t know what is genuinely healthy for your family to eat
  • You’re tired of waking up tired
  • You’re relying on coffee and sugar to get moving
  • You crash-diet before events and holidays
  • You’re constantly stressed
  • You don’t understand why you’re bloating
  • You feel disconnected from your body
  • You don’t know how to eliminate dysfunctional patterns in your life


Imagine if in a day you:

  • Woke up every morning feeling energised
  • Knew you could manage your home and perform beautifully at work
  • Understood what was nourishing for you and your loved ones to eat
  • Dumped the morning coffee addiction
  • Ditched the last-minute crash diets before events and holidays
  • Overcame the negative, mean chatter in your head
  • Boosted your confidence in how you look and feel
  • Had a toolkit on hand to deal with stress when it arises
  • Developed a set of positive habits that were really working for you


This programme is NOT for you if:

  • You are only interested in weight loss 
  • You are not willing to do the work
  • You do not think you are worth the investment


If you spend your day chasing your tail, popping pills for your headaches, multi-tasking, skipping the shops and grabbing breakfast on the way to work, my 1-day intensive is for you.

If your clothes feel tight and your inner critic is running the show, there might be a root cause as to why you’re eating what you’re eating.

If you’re still wired when your head hits the pillow each evening, and there isn’t enough time to think about yourself, let’s work together.

Contact me today to book your Luxury Transformational Day.